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iPitCrew says Automotive Dealers should look to other industries for creative digital media marketing techniques

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iPitCrew says look to other industries

(MISSION TRUTH-MEDIA)- August 15, 2010 --
Nashville, TN - August 15, 2010- iPitCrew says look to other industries

At we think Automotive Dealers should look to other industries for creative techniques on how to reach their target customers . Why? Because 'Interruption' marketing hasn't been cost effective for years. I am sure in the last six months your local cable, radio, or newspaper account representative has stopped in your store and told you viewers, listeners, or subscriptions are increasing , and they have the statistical data to confirm it! I don’t know about you but not one of them has been able to show me any info that quantifies the retention period or effectiveness of the message.

In the most encompassing scientific studies done to date Martin Lindstrom and his group did just that. He writes about it in his most recent book, Buy-ology released in 2008. During one testing period while comparing Coke and Ford advertising aired on American Idol. Lindstrom’s group effectively proved that Ford’s traditional 'at break interruption style messaging' had no retention effect on viewers, while Coke’s participation within the show itself, with color branding of the stage, drink props, etc. had far greater top of mind presence among the viewers, and for longer, even though they never verbally mentioned the product.

Today some of the fellas from 'the crew' and I were jogging along the beach, we saw a plane flying overhead with one of those banners trailing behind. Ironically it was a Automotive Dealer , but not one of us can remember which dealer or brand it was just eight hours later. We can pretty much guarantee if that Auto Dealership , had spent the same money on Digital Media, like iPitCrew's Reputation Management or Service Repair video email systems, he would have gotten more frequency, more measurable results, and more ROI. Why because the brand message is offered as a tool to assist the consumer at the moment in time the consumer is most interested, and most in need, of the Auto Dealership brand's assistance. The Super Charger is that it’s also the moment when the consumer is most connected to that brand. We couldn't call out to the plane and ask the questions that were most on our mind in the same manner, the paper, radio, or TV, won’t answer the questions we ask. The nitrous in all of this is that 'online content' last forever, when the plane was out of sight the messaging event was over, same with the paper that now lines the daughter's rabit cage, and the radio or TV ad that just finished playing, all are one and done, but online content is there to be seen over and over. Just food for thought the next time some fast talking sales rep stops in. The only thing you ever need to ask is what’s the ROI.

Better yet, let 'The Crew' from iPitCrew ask for you. We will 'Super Charge' your marketing efforts and bring your cost inline. Gives us a call at 1(877)94 1CREW for your free no hassle consultation.Copyright Mission Truth Media Press Release This article free to publish as long as links remain clickable. 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Car Dealers Put Away Your Check Books”. Says New Digital Media Marketing Company!

“ Car Dealers Put Away Your Check Books”. Says New Digital Media Marketing Company!
(MISSION TRUTH-MEDIA)- Featured Website Announcement News
July 27th 2010
(MISSION TRUTH-MEDIA)- Nashville, TN-July 27th, 2010

What? A Digital Media Company that wants to save you money, not spend your money?

iPitCrew is ready to help you meet the challenge!

“So this guy walks into the Dealership and says?” You may have already heard this joke, but seriously...
Can you imagine a conversation with a Dealership owner where you tell them you want them to stop using what worked in the past! When some slick ad rep from the local paper or radio station has just stopped by with a fancy presentation detailing why they should spend more, and how prices have not been this cheap in 20 years.

News flash, it’s cheap because it is worth less or because it is almost worthless! When is the last time a Automobile Dealerships dropped the price on a vehicle because it was better than ever? Try never? I know, I know, not everyone has a computer, not everyone shops internet . Guess what not everyone has a TV, reads the paper, or listens to the radio either, but Automobile Dealerships paid top dollar for that for years.

Enters iPitCrew Digital Media Marketing Company Center Stage. iPitCrew is on a crusade to lower Automobile Dealerships Digital Media Marketing Expenses, increasing traffic, and converting opportunities. Some Dealers have secretly been doing it for years. Now its time for Automobile Dealerships Owners to take control of veteran management teams clinging on to traditional Marketing ideas, and “The Crew” show them where the floor traffic has disappeared to!

Manufacturers have figured out that it is more cost effective to build fewer vehicles that appeal to more, then to build more variations to appeal to less. Marketing is the same; today’s technology allows you to enter the slipstream of the conversation, the sweet spot! Today’s tech allows you to lock on to your target from around the corner in a laser precision way. The most amazing part is that it’s actually the reverse. Today’s method allows consumers to lock onto you like a tractor beam. Just be aware that tractor beam has a magnifying glass attached to it. You can bet that can be really, really good or really, really bad.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Power of Social Media for Dealers

“The Power of Social Media!”
iPitCrew- Blog
AUG 8th

I had just given my very best “revolution” speech on how the “monologue marketing model”?


Does this sound familiar? You are meeting with a Dealers
client and passionately explaining New marketing Strategies and the concept of Social Media. You really believe what you are telling the Dealers client; I mean you’re giving it all you have like you just discovered “time travel” or something. At the end of your pitch, this moment of true enlightenment, you are expecting the skies to part, a bright light to illuminate the faces of your clients, glorious trumpets to sound, and a choir of Angels to exclaim “Gloria, Gloria, SOCIAL MEDIA, AHHHH! NOW YOU UNDERSTAND!” To your dismay, all you get are blank faces staring back at you, and defining silence that last a lifetime, followed by; “hmmmmm interesting... Does anyone else have something to add?”

I had just such an encounter the other day. I had just given my very best “revolution” speech on how the “monologue marketing model” was dead, how “dialogue” and Social Media were forcing Dealers companies to listen, communicate, and engage for the first time since black and white television came to market. I went on to expound on how “differentiation” and customer satisfaction would make or break companies in our new market economy, how companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Better Place were redefining how we approach company valuations, and pricing models. I basically balled up some of the best Digital Media books I have read over the last two years and filled them full of holes like an OOZIE! Buyology, Brand Bubble, Six Pixels of Separation, Free The Future of Radical Price, Socialnomics, Groundswell, Whuffie, I used them all like ammo!

Once I had built the foundation for my case, I went in for the close! You could look around the room and hear what they were thinking; they were all blaming the Internet for ruining business. So I spoke up and defended the free flow of information (it was the right thing to do.) The pricing model was broke long before the Internet, I said. Then I began to explain how ludicrous the whole pricing model in the Dealers industry really is, based on the availability of information, level of influence each of us has within our niche online communities, the connectivity, we have to one another through social media, etc...

I finished by saying you can fix the Dealers profitability issue on new cars in one week! Think about it. Why do customers negotiate, and shop price? Could it be because the industry created uncertainty? The manufacturer post an inflated vehicle price, which they later discount by thousands of dollars, the dealers promote the inflated price “MSRP”, but then allow consumers to negotiate down to something called “Dealer Invoice”, and sometimes they even sell below the “Dealer Invoice” price. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! I won’t even go into the rest.

My point is this ONE PRICE! NO HAGGLE, NO GAMES, NO GIMMICKS, all consumers want is to know they are not going to go down the road and see the vehicle advertised for less, then they paid 5 minutes ago. Just have the manufacturers drop their prices by the amount they factor in for rebates and charge one price. could have heard a pin drop...Then all at once... The ether wore off!

Nah...that would never work! Besides Social Media is just the latest buzz... Next you will tell us you can sell vehicles online without the customer ever even driving the car! I just shook my head and thought to myself, “You mean like the Ford Fusion Launch?”Mission Truth Media
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Digital Media Marketing Company takes a shot at saving Automotive Industry Providers Money!

New Digital Media Marketing Company takes a shot at
saving Automotive Industry Companies money.
(MISSION TRUTH-MEDIA) - Featured Digital Media Website Announcement News
Can a Marketing company save its clients money and stay in business? iPitCrew thinks so!

(MissionTruth.CO) - Press Release Distribution - A brand new B2B Digital Media Company iPitCrew is up and running worldwide for Automotive Industry Providers . Thankfully, this is not another attempt to exploit the demand that exists within the market. Correctly called “iPitCrew” these guys aim to get Automotive Industry Providers . and Industry providers to the winners' circle by tuning up thier marketing efforts with Digital Media Marketing.
In a press release earlier today they are quoted as saying “its not enough anymore to spend more money than the next guy to be heard. You need to do just the opposite! Dealers need to spend the right money on the correct technologies. The results have to be measurable and vendors have to be accountable! The days of over spending, over promising, and under delivering are over! Automotive Industry Providers want vendors that act as partners to their business, they want a Digital Media Company that’s not married to a particular product but is quick and nimble able to adapt to the latest technologies without having to remain attached to older less competitive offerings. Most importantly they want Digital Media company that’s going to work just as hard if not harder to protect the Automotive Industry Providers . Bottom line profitability. “The Crew” is a group with laser focus on ROI. For us, it doesn't’t stop with identifying cost savings, we make sure our Automotive Industry Providers . have processes in place that will transition online traffic to sales, then follow the customer through the life cycle of ownership.”

We like to joke that most of the people on “The Crew” have Dual Degrees! One from the school of hard knocks because extensive Dealership experience is a pre-requisite, and then there are the undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Business, Marketing, and Information Technologies, There is no business like the car Business and that extensive education is invaluable. It's what makes us truly unique we speak fluent “Dealer and Techi,” we just happen to fall on the side of the Automotive Industry Providers . , but if you have a great technology at a value added price, we can be friends too!”

People are taking notice and we wish these guys the best of luck! One thing is for sure these guys are building, growing a business model built around reputation. If their name is associated with it, you can be assured it’s a reputable organization.

All in all, "The Crew" promises to be an great addition to Digital Media world.

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